Finally Take Control of Your eBay Arbitrage.  Buy from major Online Retailers and sell for more on eBay.


Arbitrage: Order from eBay and get a package from another major brand.

  • Swipe 1000’s of Trending Products  & Clone to Emulate Their Success
  • Find Hot Selling Cheaper Products & Sell on eBay for Easy Profits
  • Gain Full Control over your eBay Listings with Real-Time Updates for Prices & Stock Change
  • Hands-Free Automatic Order Fulfilment – let your Business Run itself
  • Add Multiple eBay Accounts to Monitor and Profit From
  • Exclusive eBay Success Training for Members Only

For more resources on buying/selling online, check out this helpful list of books and articles to help you get started turning a profit fast. Online buying and selling resources

Books we recommend to first time buyers/sellers

Online courses we recommend for first time buyers/sellers



As our system focuses on eBay arbitrage, there is no restriction on location and ATEP Online can be used for worldwide purposes. For example, if you live in the USA, you will be able to list products on both eBay USA and eBay UK, as well as any other country you want. As long as the supplier’s warehouse (Amazon, in this case) is located where your customer lives, you will have no issue sending the product directly to your customer. Essentially, the concept is dropshipping at an ease.

Our bulk upload system is one of our boasted main features allowing you to upload from as little as a single product to a vast amount of 1000s of products with just a simple click. We even go so far as to save you money, time, and effort by automatically uploading product information, details, images, specifications, and so on, to your eBay listing - all of which has been swiped from the Product listing.

Rest assured, privacy is one of our priorities in ATEP Online. We never share any eBay listing details and as such, none of our members or personnel will be able to copy or clone your eBay listings.

Our 7 Day Free Trial gives everyone the opportunity to test our platform to see how powerful and impactful ATEP Online really is at no risk to them. As long as the subscription is canceled before the end of the 7 day free trial period, you will not be billed subsequently.

As you will be dropshipping the products for your eBay listings, you can directly send the item from your supplier to your customer without ever touching it. Online Retailers provide the option to send items as a gift and therefore any invoices will not be included in the packages. Shopping online is very similar to shopping in real life. There’s always a better bargain out there if you manage to find it or if you get lucky. If your customers find that the product you’re selling is being sold for cheaper, they won’t have any reason to be upset at you considering they made the decision to purchase without doing their own research.

Our simple answer to that question is “No, you will not get banned using ATEP Online”. The longer version is that ATEP Online was programmed and designed in accordance with eBay policies and terms of use. The concept of dropshipping is not alien to eBay and in fact is supported by the conglomerate. As long as your account is kept in good light and you send the items being bought from your eBay listings while accumulating good feedback, eBay will have no reason to put your account at risk.

A message from the Creator

Andrew Stone

I came up with the idea for after reading about people finding books on different sites and selling them for a profit on eBay. It took me two years to develop a search product that is simple to use and can quickly take the results and make them available for sale. I was amazed, the very first time I listed items through I starting selling items.